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I always felt a bit different growing up. A bit of an outcast – I always struggled with the social side through school, but made it through with my rag tag group of a few good friends.

It was only later (a decade… but who’s counting), after some severe mental health issues, that I was diagnosed as high functioning autistic at the age of 30.

Two confirmation diagnosises later, as well as another two appointments of being told there was no funding for support. I began to finally follow what little instruction I had been given and started to learn more about the superpowers autism gives me.

Sensory issues, for instance, can produce a meltdown in a busy noisy atmosphere. Put me on a river though… and that constant intake of everything suddenly becomes a lot more useful.

So at the age of 33 I returned to fishing. Having flirted with everything from golf to pigeon racing (seriously… still… diagnosed at 30… haha).

I decided to go into fly fishing and teach myself afresh. I’d take advice, learn the principles, but ultimately (as I always do) make my own decisions.

This blog is documentation of what I learn, what I think and my general feelings on a variety of topics.

Please enjoy, keeping feedback constructive.


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