Good fly fishing trips in the UK

No, it’s not me off on a fishing trip in the UK. I was in touch with a good friend this morning. He’s traipsing around Scotland, well I’m being slightly disingenuous there. He’s actually completing the West Highland Way over 5 days, completely un-supported, carrying everything he may need.

BTW Photography ©️

He sent me this picture this morning, from Loch Lomond, which I took as a subtle suggestion that he may be in the mood for a trip to the Peak District finally… although this is Loch Lomond so not sure of the connection to the Peak District. Other than he finishes at the foot of Ben Nevis.

I’ve been on at him for a while regards a camping / hiking / fly fishing trip in the UK. It doesnt look like anywhere else will be a goer for the foreseeable. So, given I’m a little under the weather today, I’m going to have a think about possible bases etc.

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